Here is the list of the frequently asked questions to answer questions and concerns which may come up when using our services. If you dont find the answer(s) you need, please send us an email . Once we receive your email, we will reply you right away.

Getting Started

What service are you providing?

We are hackers and willing to give you the best hacking service on the Internet.

If you want to find a way to hack into someones Facebook account, Hotmail account, Gmail acount, Yahoo account, AOL account, MSN account,... then we are your best choice. Our hacking system is an online hacking tool so you just need to choose the appropriate section and provide some required info to hack an account: Hack Facebook account or Hack an email account .

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How to use your hacking service?

Our hacking system is an online hacking tool so all you need is your browser. You dont need to download anything, but just visit our site and provide some required info, then you can hack the account. Just fill the hacking form before starting the hacking process. You need to locate the correct hacking section on our site in order to hack and get an account password.

Click here to learn how to hack a Facebook account . Alternatively, to hack an email account password, please visit this section .

How does your hacking system work?

Our system only needs to know the account you want to hack. So make sure that you enter the right account you want to hack in the appropriate section.

You should watch our video demo to understand how our system works. We have recorded this video while we hack a Facebook account, just to explain how you can hack a Facebook account with our site and how our system works. The email hacking process is similar to the Facebook hacking process.

In case you dont know the email address linked to the Facebook account you want to hack, or if you only know this type of login email address: username @ facebook.com , which is not the valid login email address, or if you know only the tel number login to Facebook account, you can use our Hack Facebook ID tool to hack that Facebook account. However, to hack an email account you MUST have the real email address.

Once you fulfil the hacking form on our home page, just click the hacking button under that form and our system will connect to the appropriate servers which are currently hosting that account to get the password for you by retrieving the data from the Users Databases on that servers.

How can you hack Facebook and email account passwords?

We dont want to bother you with the complicated and technical hacking process, so we have recorded our hacking process while we hack a Facebook account and/or an email account. The following video is the best way to explain how to hack Facebook / hack email accounts. Just watch the video then you will know how to hack a Facebook account using our hacking system: Watch video demo

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How to hack a Facebook account?

We are providing the Facebook hacking service as a online tool. So you can hack any Facebook account password with your browser and a Internet connection. You just need to provide some required info such as the email address linked to the Facebook account you want to hack, your name and your email address, then our system will do the rest for you automatically.

We advise you to watch the video demo to learn how to hack a Facebook account. We have recorded the hacking process while we hack into someones Facebook account, just to show you how to hack a Facebook account password and how our system works.

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I only have the Facebook ID number. Can you give me the email address please?

You can get the login email address to the Facebook account you want to hack by using our " hack Facebook ID " tool. When you provide the Facebook ID number, our tool will retrieve the real email address for the involved Facebook account and then you can come back to our home page to hack the account using the email address.

Here, watch this video , you will see how our "Hack Facebook ID" tool works. A Facebook ID is the username, profile name, or the ID number of your target person on the Facebook network. At the end of the Facebook ID hacking process, you will get the login email address.

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I want to hack a special account. Can you help me?

Currently, you can hack Facebook and a few email account types with our site. If you want to hack a special account, look around on our site. If you can find that section, then just hack that special account. If not, please contact us . If we get many requests for the same type of account, we will build a section for that type of account.

You can also contact us to get a special section, just for you. The cost will not be expensive. We are hackers, we love challanges! We will do it for you for a reasonable price.

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What is the guarantee that you can hack Facebook?

Look, you can use our system to hack the account before asking us this question and you will see how reliable our system is! And the important thing: once you hacked the password, the password will be saved into your account on our site. The password is there. That is the guarantee.

Moreover, we offer 30 day Money Back Guarantee so if you dont get the password, you can get refund immediately at any time.

Third and final, we can really hack Facebook accounts and email accounts. It isn't a joke. We do not F#CK people. We are hackers, not thieves. Try right now and you will see that it is the truth.

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Does Facebook know that I'm hacking the account?

No. Here is why:

When you connect to our site to hack an account such as a Facebook account or an email account, you may disclose some info about you and your browser. But you are safe behind our site.

When you hack an account using our system, only our site connects to the Facebook servers, not you. Therefore, all tracking traces will be led to our site only. And we do not share our customers info to any third party.

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Does target person know that I'm hacking his account?

No. Here is why:

Using our system, you do not hack directly into the target person account but you will use our site to retrieve the password in the Users Databases on the target servers. No one else can know that you are hacking his account.

When you get the password, and login to the target person account, he may know, but it's a total different problem. And we have solutions for that problems. :)

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Does the target person know when I login his/her Facebook account?

Yes. Actually: Maybe.

The Security Notification function in the target account may be enabled. Some people dont know about it and dont enable it. Some other do.

So we understand your problem: You dont want your target person to know that you hacked and login to his/her account without the permission. You dont want any notification to be sent to the target person email or mobile. You just want to be able to login smouthly into the account, without leaving any traces.

Solutions for you: We can disable the Security Notification function in the hacked Facebook account profile for you. No more email. No more notification SMS. No more hassle. You just need to purchase the UNLIMITED hacking package. The Unlimited hacking service includes this features. View pricing to get more info.

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Security Code

How to get a Security Code?

Security Code is used to prevent abuse and to increase the success rate of the hacking process. You need to follow the instruction to get a Security Code and then enter it to the hacking form to prove that you are a human. This procedure will help us to eliminate all invalid requests from robots, and so, increase the success rate of the hacking process.

There are 2 types of Security Code:

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What is a Free Security Code? How to get one?

The Free Security Code is the Security Code that you can get by cliking like us on Facebook , clicking Twitter button , or clicking the Google +1 button on our sponsored website.

The Free Security Code is free and you can get it once you follow our instruction. You need to go throught a lot of steps to get this Free Security Code.

With the Free Security Code, you need to wait about 70 seconds, more or less, before your hacking request is processed. You need to wait until your turn.

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What is a Premium Security Code? How to get one?

Premium Security Code is a paid Security Code. Just pay only $1 and you dont waste your time doing something to get a Security Code.

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How does the Security Code work?

Security Code is only used to start the process: hack a Facebook or an email account.

DONT contact us just to ask why you have paid for the Premium Security Code but you dont get the password.

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Hacking Process

How long does it take to hack a password?

You can hack Facebook, hack Facebook ID, hack most types of email accounts with our site.

The estimated time to hack a password varies from 5 or 10 minutes to 45 minutes, sometimes up to 3 hours, depending on the account you want to hack. If the password is too hard to decrypt, it maybe takes the whole day. But usually you can get the password within 10 minutes after all hacking process.

It keeps saying the session has expired. Why?

When you start decrypting the Hash password using our UFD2 Decrypter tool, you may get this error: "Session expired". Someone even told us that he has tried again 3-4 times and still no luck.

Here is why:

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Decrypting Process

What is the UFD2 Hash Encrypted Password? How to decrypt it?

In cryptography, the UFD2 (Unique-F-Digest algorithm 2) is a widely-used cryptographic hash function with a 512-bit hash value. UFD2 was designed 2009 to replace an earlier hash function, MD5. As an Internet standard, UFD2 has been employed in a wide variety of security applications, and it is also commonly used to check the integrity of files. Facebook and many Web 2.0 providers use this UFD2 to encrypt their users passwords and security their information.

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How to get the UFD2 Hash Encrypted Password?

Once you finish the hacking process: Hack Facebook accounts, Hack Email Accounts, you will get the UFD2 Hash password which is the UFD2 Hash String of 32 characters in red. In order to get a Hash password, you need to:

  • Login your account or sign up for a new one if you dont have.
  • Choose the preferred hacking section and start hacking
  • Once the hacking process is completed, you will get the UFD2 Hash password

How to decrypt the UFD2 Hash Encrypted Password? Do I need to download and install your UFD2 Decrypter on my PC?

Decrypting password is NOT a part of the hacking process and it is NOT free. Make sure that you have enough account balance to decrypt the password. Click to learn how to add funds to your account.

Our UFD2 Decrypter is an online UFD2 Decrypt tool so you just need to copy then paste the Hash password in the form and click the decrypting button on your screen. The decrypting process will take a few minutes.

Then the final text, understandable password will be displayed on your screen. After that, you can login your target account with the password already decrypted.

Why can't I decrypt the password using the FREE UFD2 Decrypter on the Internet?

You can find many free UFD2 Decrypters on the Internet - but in reality, they are only a database of converted UFD2 hash.

In fact, those sites allow you to input a UFD2 Hash and search for its decrypted state in their databases. You SEARCH and GET only, not HACK. It means, with a free UFD2 Decrypter, you cannot hack, crack or decrypt the password because that free UFD2 Decrypter is not a decrypting software.

How much do you charge to decrypt a hacked password? Can I pay in my currency?

Hacking is Free. You can hack Facebook accounts, hack Email accounts for free. The free hacking process is completed once you get the UFD2 Hash password.

However, you need to pay if you want to use our site to decrypt the hacked password.

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What does it mean by Unlimited Hacking Package?

Once you hack a Facebook account or an Email account successfully, you get the UFD2 Hash encrypted password. You need to decrypt that hacked password to get the final password used to login your target account. Just purchase one of our packagesto get access to our Decrypt Tool.

We recommend you to purchase the Unlimited Hacking Package to hack as many account as you want. Unlimited means UNLIMITED!

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How to add funds to my account?

There are many ways to add funds to your account on our site. You can pay us directly to get your account credited. You can also do something for us in exchange for the account balance to hack one account password.

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How to pay with Western Union? What is the fastest way to pay you?

Western Union is the fastest and secure way to pay us. Please click on the link below to read more.

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How to pay with Money Gram?

Money Gram is similar to Western Union: a money transaction service. You pay at a Money Gram office, the receiver will pick up money at another Money Gram office. Please click on the link below to read more.

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How to pay with Bank Transfer? How much does it cost if I pay you via Bank Transfer?

From a certain countries, Western Union (sending money option) is not available. Maybe, you can receive money via Western Union but you are not allowed to send money to foreign countries with Western Union. In this case, paying via Bank Wire is the better way.

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How to pay with PayPal?

Historically, Paypal has high rates of fraud. People can easy create Paypal account, add stolen credit card and then send money to our Paypal account. Thus, our Paypal account will have bad credit, worst, will be limited. Due to the bad experience with Paypal, we now accept Paypal only with conditions. If you choose to pay via Paypal, you MUST read and accept the following conditions:

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What do you need to verify my payment after I send the test payment $5 via PayPal?

We don't need your Transaction ID which is the payment code generated by PayPal for individual payment. After sending $5 test payment, just give us your PayPal address.

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How much do I have to pay with PayPal? I have already sent $5 for test payment, will it be deducted from the total amount?

If you choose PayPal as your payment method, the cost for the Unlimited package is $225 and for the One package is $105 because we have to pay the PayPal fees. It's better to pay with Western Union if you care about the price, or you dont want to wait for 2 weeks before you can hack.

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How to pay with Credit Card or Debit Card?

We don't accept the payment directly from your Credit Card or Debit Card. We also don't need your credit card info. So don't send your credit card info to us.

But you can use your Credit Card or Debit Card to pay us via Western Union or Paypal.

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How long does it take to add money to my account?

After submitting your order and paying for your preferred hacking package, please give us the payment info and your username on our site, we will credit your account, then you can use our service immediately.

If you send money via Western Union, we will need from few minutes to few hours to verify your payment. This delay will vary based on your time of transaction, the support service of Western Union office and day of week. Usually, it takes only 15 minutes to credit your account once we receive your payment info.

If you choose to pay with PayPal, you will need to wait 14 business days before your account is credited.

After crediting your account, we will inform you about your account status and if it's ready, you could start hacking and decrypting. We will send a message to your email address. Please check your spam or junk folder if you don't find that email in your inbox.

Do you have any refund policy?

We offer 30 day Money Back Guarantee for all purchases on our site.

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I dont want to pay. I dont have money. What should I do?

Well, sometimes we offer a good deal for people like you. You can hack a Facebook account for totally free 100%.

But you need to do something for us. Then we will give you $90 by crediting your account on our site for the package "Once". After that, you can hack an account password (Facebook or Email) for free. You wont get the money in cash, only $90 credited to your account on our site.

Check out this page to see if there is any available job for you.

Note: Your account will only be credited once you have completed the required job and send us the result.

I have the coupon code. What should I do now?

When you get the coupon code, please make sure to know the type of coupon code you have.

Some coupon codes will give you discount on the current price. Some coupon code can apply only on a certain hacking service in certain period of time. Each coupon code has its own limitation.

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Your Account On Our Site

How to sign up a new account?

There are two ways to sign up an account on our site.

Sign up with your own Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, or Window Live account. We highly recommend you to use this sign up method because it is fast and you dont need to confirm your account.

Sign up a new account normally with a new username and password. This method wont be high appreciated because it will take much of your time to receive email with the verification link.

You can sign up for a new account for free with us now.

Why dont I receive the verification email?

Some people often ask us that why they dont receive the email with the verification link to confirm their account. Are you in this situation?

For some reasons, the verification email isnt landed on your email inbox but on the Spam or Junk folder. Please check your Spam or Junk folder to get it.

In some cases, you dont receive the verification email, dont hesitate to contact us by sending online chat request or email us then our support team will manually confirm your account.

Is it safe to login to your site with my own account of Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail?

Is it safe to login with my own account such as Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, or Window Live account?

It is totally safe to sign up or login with your own account. We dont save your password and your own account wont also be public.

This login method will also save much of your time. Please click here to login to your account before hacking a password

I have created an account but now I cannot login or the password is incorrect. Why?

There are some reasons why you cannot login to our site. In any case, we advise you to sign up for a new account.

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I want to change my username, password. I have forgot my accounts password. Can you help me?

Changing your login username will take about several days. It's better for you to sign up for a new account and then let us know the login username to the new account. We will transfer any existing money to your new account. The legacy account will then be deleted after the money is transferred to your new account.

You can't change your password by your self. So make sure that you create a password which is familiar to you and easy for you to remember.

In case you have forgot your account password, we recommend you to sign up for a new account. Idle accounts will be deleted after a long period. If you want to continue using this account, you can get a new password given by our system by clicking the link called "Forgot password?". But you can't change that password by your self.

Our entire hacking system

I want to create a similar site and make money, can you help me?

Sure. We can help you to become hackers by learning our hacking system. If you buy a copy of our system, we will help you to set it up and run it on your own server.

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Want to get a personal reply?

If you cannot find the answer for your questions here, you can chat online with our support team, call or text us, or email us. We will help you out immediately. We are more than happy to serve you.

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